(Recognised by Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports)

" Vision Is The Art Of Seeing What Is Invisible To Others "

National Headquarters

Ocean Cadet Academy

Ocean Cadet Academy is a Non-Government,Non - Political , voluntary youth organization that strives for excellence and works with a view to provide guidance to youth to attain a great career in Indian Armed Forces and Merchant Marine. Also it serves the society in a great way by Mass cleaning of the city, rivers, beaches and hill forts of Maharashtra. It is run by a team of Defence experts both retired and currently serving personals. The training service provided by the Academy with a view to create a successful and talented citizens.

The Organization through the medium of Sea Training instills in school and college going boys and girls in the age group of 12 - 18 years, Sense of Discipline, Responsibility, character and fostering leadership through Seamanship, Sailing and related nautical pursuits on the waterfront.


The objectives of the Ocean Cadet Academy are to: -

    1. Impart physical training in the field of Sea Awareness.

    2. To create Sea mindedness.

    3. Impart Seamanship training and instill Naval traditions and values in boys and girls who intend to join the Indian Navy, Merchant Navy, Coast Guard, Army, Air force and other Para Military forces.

    4. Provide for Physical, Mental, Moral, Spiritual, Social, Educational and Cultural Development of the cadets.

    5. Develop character and good citizenship in the widest sense among boys and girls through sea training.

    6. To create a force of disciplined and man power which in a national emergency could be of assistance to the country.

    7.To provide training for students with a view to development in them officer like quality, thus also enabling them to obtain commission in the armed forces and graduating them as responsible citizens.

" We are very proud of the service that the cadets of " Ocean Cadet Academy " provides to our country and to our Armed Forces and Merchant Marine, but the true merit of our program is seen in the success stories of our cadets, who go on to seize the limitless opportunities that are available to them.." Gopi Shetty